Lee Palace Restaurant offers both casual and fine dining atmosphere to experience our famousexquisite dim dum, authentic Chinese food and Hong Kong BBQ, and also fusion cuisine formaround the world.

Our strict commitment to quality translates into the highest standards for Chinese food, service,atmosphere, and value.All dishes are expertly cooked and beautifully crafted with a lot of dedication and respect. Toensure its quality, Lee Palace uses only the freshest and best ingredients to ensure that youhave a feast you will always remember. Lee Palace provides 7 VVIP rooms with luxurious interior design to keep you private, comfortable, and experience the most unique atmosphere.

For entertainment inside the privateroom, we installed karaoke system in each private rooms for you to enjoy and relax while dine in. The spacious and comfortable facilities make Lee Palace ideal venue for any occasion. Our simple wish was “We want the quality of our food, our friendly service, and reasonable priceto keep you coming back for more”